Paint Protection

Paint Protection For Cars

At Splash n Shine, we offer a range of professional paint protection solutions for your car.

Like any other part of your vehicle, the exterior paintwork requires some care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. Your car’s paint is exposed to a lot of potential damage. Physical damage like scratches, scuffs, swirl marks and dings can affect the finish and the gloss of the paint. UV damage can lead to fading and discoloration while chemical damage from pollutants and bird droppings can eat away at the finish.

Any of these factors can affect the appearance of your vehicle and can even impact your car’s resale value.

At Splash n Shine, we can help. We offer a range of car paint protection solutions, as well as surface preparation services to ensure your paintwork is looking its best when the protective coating is applied. We are a fully mobile service that provides car detailing in the western suburbs of Melbourne. We work in Truganina, Tarneit, Derrimut, Laverton, Aintree, Rockbank, Werribee, Deer Park, Ravenhall, Point Cook, Manor Lakes, Wyndham Vale, Laverton North, Mount Cottrell, Caroline Springs, Williams Landing, Hoppers Crossing, and surrounding suburbs. Give us a call to get your car detailed.

Ceramic Paint Coatings & Paint Protection

A ceramic paint coating offers superior automotive paint protection. A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer sealant that creates a permanent physical layer over your car’s paintwork. They’re generally made from silicon dioxide and a mix of other chemicals depending on the brand.

Ceramic coatings can protect your car’s paint from minor physical damage, UV fading, acids and chemical pollutants, while enhancing the paintwork and making it easier to clean.

While ceramic paint protection coatings can be applied at home, it’s recommended to have it done by a professional. DIY applications require significant paint preparation for best results. Additionally, because ceramic coatings permanently bond with your vehicle’s topcoat, any mistakes during application can be difficult and costly to fix.

At Splash n Shine, we provide professional ceramic coatings for cars. Guaranteed to deliver that showroom shine and protect your vehicle from minor paint damage, talk to the Splash n Shine team today.

Graphene Coatings

Graphene coatings are a carbon-based nanomaterial made from graphite. Graphene creates a thin, flexible and incredibly strong layer over your car’s paintwork. This graphite micro-lattice has a similar molecular structure to diamond, making it ultra-tough and helping to protect your paintwork from physical damage like scratches, swirls, scuffs and abrasions.

This surface also protects from corrosion, while enhancing the paint with a high-gloss finish. It’s also heat and chemical resistant, which helps to protect the paint from heat damage and atmospheric pollutants.

The Graphene coating is anti-static, which helps to repel dust and other micro-particles. It also has a high water angle, meaning water slides off the surface, rather than evaporating off the paintwork and leaving water marks.

At Splash n Shine, we provide professional graphene coatings to enhance your vehicle’s paint protection.

Paint Protection

Cut and Polish

Before applying any paint protection coating, you want to make sure your paintwork is looking its very best. We offer a professional cut and polish service that can remove minor scratches and scuffs, swirl marks, blurs or blemishes and restore a showroom shine to your paintwork.

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If you’re looking for premium paint protection for your vehicle, then contact the Splash n Shine’s team today. Our mobile workshop is fully equipped and ready to come to you. We offer a complete range of mobile car detailing services including car washing, detailing, headlight restoration, car polishing and professionally applied ceramic and graphene paint protection services.

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