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Effective Graphene Coating in Truganina

Graphene Coating in Western Suburbs of Melbourne

Are you looking for an effective paint protection for your car? Do you want a surface coating that enhances your paintwork while protecting it from corrosion, UV damage and physical marks like scuffs, swirls and fine scratches? Then try Splash n Shine’s graphene coating.

Splash n Shine detailing is a fully mobile service that provides car detailing in the western suburbs of Melbourne. We work in Truganina, Tarneit, Derrimut, Laverton, Aintree, Rockbank, Werribee, Deer Park, Ravenhall, Point Cook, Manor Lakes, Wyndham Vale, Laverton North, Mount Cottrell, Caroline Springs, Williams Landing, Hoppers Crossing, and surrounding suburbs. Give us a call to get your car detailed.

The Best in Paint Protection Technology

Graphene coating for cars is the thinnest, strongest paint protection treatment available. This carbon-based nano material is made from graphite that has been broken down until it is only an atom thick. The resulting graphene surface has an incredible tensile strength while remaining flexible. When the graphene hits paint it bonds to the surface creating a physical micro-layer that protects the paintwork.

Graphene Coating Vs Ceramic Coating

A graphene nano-coating offers a range of benefits for the discerning car lover. It protects your car’s paint from corrosion, while enhancing the paint with a high-gloss finish. A layer of graphene epoxy is also heat and chemical resistant, which helps to protect your car’s paint from heat damage and atmospheric pollutants.

While ceramic coatings offer premium and professional car paint protection, graphene paint protection takes it a step further. Whereas a ceramic coating will retain heat, leading to water spots, graphene actually reduces the heat on the paint’s surface. Graphene also has a high-water angle, which means water slides off the surface incredibly easily. With less heat and a high-water angle, there’s less opportunity for water drops to evaporate on your paintwork, reducing the likelihood of mineral water spotting spoiling your car’s finish.

Graphene is also anti-static, which means it repels dust and similar micro-particles. This helps keep that showroom shine, while reducing the risk of swirls and scuffs that come with those particles on your paintwork.

Graphene is also incredibly strong. Made from a thin micro-lattice of graphite, it has a similar molecular structure to diamond. This makes graphene coatings the toughest paint protection coating in existence. It is highly resistant to abrasions, which means fewer scratches and swirls spoiling your car’s paint.

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